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Praha, Residential units Uhříněves - Ist, 2nd Phase

A new complex of apartment buildings is sited in the southern part of Uhříněves, on the premises of the former area of a building company adjacent to František Diviš Street.


Location: Praha
Investor: Housing cooperative Universum
Realization: INTERMA, a.s. (member of HOCHTIEF CZ a. s.)
Type: New building
Construction time: 12/2005 - finish: 1st phase 12/2006,2nd phase 08/2007, 3rd phase02/2008, 4th phase 08/2008
Main indicators:  
Description: Altogether, 11 buildings housing 189 apartments and 96 garages will be erected, including additional car parking spaces, a new access road and all necessary landscaping. The location is well served by public transport.

The first stage of the construction comprises 3 apartment buildings with 27 flats in total, ranging in size from three-roomed flats plus kitchen, including a recessed balcony and conservatory – 18 in number - to two-roomed flats including a kitchen space, with a recessed balcony – 9 in total. On the ground floor there are 27 garages providing safe parking. Commencement of the first stage has been planned for December 2005, with the subsequent stages beginning in January 2006.