Mladá Boleslav, The Radouč Park Apartment Building

A new apartment building is being erected in Mladá Boleslav in Na Radouči Street close to the Plaza Hotel and Radouč nature reserve.


Location: Mladá Boleslav
Investor: INTERMA, a.s. (member of HOCHTIEF CZ a. s.)
Type: New building
Construction time: finish 2007
Main indicators: 48 apartments + 1 flat as an atelier studio
28 underground parking spaces
Description: The five storey building will house 48 apartments, a flat functioning as an atelier studio, and an underground car park with 28 parking spaces enabling comfortable and safe parking.

An internal roofed atrium has been designed to be the most distinctive feature, making the apartment building stand out and very unusual to live in.

Placed on the border of the rare RADOUČ steppe area, which is a part of a national nature reserve, the location will certainly be one of the greatest advantages of the building. The pleasant surroundings and magnificent view will make the site very attractive, as will the landscape planning scheme that excludes any further development in that area.

The aim of the project is to build forty-eight flats in sizes ranging from studio flats, two-roomed, three-roomed, and the largest being four-roomed flats. The majority of flats incorporate a spacious balcony or terrace, and those apartments without balconies feature French windows. An unusual unit – the flat serving as an atelier studio – in the upper annex will embellish the attractive penthouses with terraces on the top floor.

A monolithic skeleton construction forms the load bearing structure of the building; both internal and external masonry will be of brick blocks. The external façade as well as the atrium walls are going to be furnished with a system of insulation. A lift is to be installed as a matter of course. An independent gas boiler room providing heat and hot water is considered one of the great advantages of the building, guaranteeing lower operational costs when compared to distance heating supplies.