Liberec, Residential complex Vlnařská, section A - D

Near the center of the city, in immediate proximity of older buildings of Liebig’s town – Perštýn, a construction of a new residential complex is taking place, containing 4 individual apartment houses with a total number of 221 apartments, including parking places in hall garages located in the basement of individual apartment blocks for comfortable and especially safe parking.


Location: Liberec
Investor: INTERMA, a.s. (member of HOCHTIEF VSB)
Type: New building
Construction time: finish of section C: 2 - 3Q 2006
Main indicators: 4 apartment houses – 221 apartment units and 217 garage parking spaces
Description: Construction was commenced in February 2004. The southern and western part of the entire apartment complex is delimited by the Na Zábočí Street, connecting Mlýnská Street, the eastern part will be accessible from Vlnařská Street after completion.

A unique construction of a modern commercial and entertainment center (on the premises of former Textilana factory) is being prepared for the immediate vicinity of the apartment complex. The attractive leisure area of Liberec dam is within a reachable distance.

Individual, architectonically interesting apartment houses will be interconnected by external park and leisure areas (internal atriums) located mainly on the southern slope of the entire complex – extensive greenery, benches, and playgrounds will be part of the residential complex. Parts of the northern slope will be used as external parking spaces.