Karlovy Vary, The Stará Kysibelská A-C Apartment Buildings

The construction of four separate apartment buildings is taking place not far from the city centre, on the premises of the former Waldrtka. The complex incorporates the total number of 150 apartments and 105 parking spaces in shared sheltered spaces for comfortable and safe parking.


Location: Karlovy Vary
Investor: INTERMA, a.s. (member of HOCHTIEF CZ)
Type: New building
Construction time: completion of the C section: 12/2007
Main indicators: A complex of four residential houses consisting of 150 apartments and 105 indoor parking spaces
Description: The entire development area is placed in a quiet part of the spa town featuring landscaping and excellent public facilities. The main traffic route connecting Karlovy Vary and Prague lies in close proximity.

Construction of the complex commenced in February 2004. The north-western part borders with Východní Street, and the northern one adjoins the existing Stará Kysibelská road, which will also serve as an access road. The south-eastern part neighbours an allotment area.

The project concerns four separate apartment buildings, marked pursuant to the blueprint as A, B1, B2, and C, which are interconnected via internal linking spaces. The parking spaces outside create a particularly interesting feature. The B1, B2 and C buildings form a distinctive square for relaxation, with pavements, landscaping, and leisure amenities.