České Budějovice, Plavská apartment houses, 1st stage

The apartment house counting eight dwelling units has four aboveground storeys with a mirror symmetry.. There are four types of apartments with areas from 90 to 135 sqm. A separate garage located on the ground floor belongs to each apartment.


Location: České Budějovice
Investor: První jihočeská realitní s. r. o., České Budějovice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB
Type: Apartment house
Construction time: 05/2001-04/2002
Description: The foundation structures are spread footing with foundation strips of plain concrete. The cicumferential wall is of Porotherm heat-insulating external blocks, the inner partition walls are of bricks. Ceramic ceiling with spacers and a covering concrete layer was used for the horizontal ceiling structure. Ceilings consist of plasterboard soffits with heat insulation and steam barrier. The building is roofed with a steel and wooden truss of the purlin system of half-hipped truss. The double layer ventilated roof covered with Bramac roofing is equipped with plumber´s metalwork of copper. Rockwool  heat insulation was used in the whole building. The wooden windows feature divisional grids. Garages are equipped with remote-control doors. A personal elevator has been installed in the building.