Bechyně, Home for elderly persons with attendant service

The home for the elderly with attendant service has a ground plan in the shape of the letter Z and no cellar. The western and eastern lateral wings have three floors while the middle connecting part has two.


Location: Bechyně
Investor: City of Bechyně
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB a. s. division 8 o. z.
Type: Residential house
Construction time: 02/2003 – 09/2004
Main indicators: Flatlets - 32 units, apartments 2+0 - 6 units,
Attendance service background, surgery, dish dispensation, clubrooms
Description: The lateral wings have hipped roofs and the central part, double-sloping roofs. As it will accommodate elderly persons, the building has a fittingly traditional look. The brick-built external walls with thermal insulation done in light colours, the classical roofs with tiles, partite windows etc. contribute to the traditional appearance of the house. The building is founded on reinforced concrete strips. The load-bearing circumferential masonry and indoor masonry is of Porotherm blocks with a  thickness of 300mm, while the walls between the individual units are of Porotherm AKU blocks with a thickness of 250 and 300mm. The internal partition walls are of aerated concrete partition bricks or of plaster board. There are prefabricated elevator shafts and staircases in the side wings. The ceilings are cast in lattice girder plates. The facility is roofed in with a hipped roof (the western and eastern wing) and double-sloping roof (connecting part) covered with Bramac tiling – Moravian tile. The social areas in the western wing are lighted by Velux roof windows. All the plumbing elements are of Lindab materials. There are opening plastic windows and walls with circumferential ironwork and internal Venetian blinds. There are wooden interior doors with faced doorframes. The hygienic facilities and kitchens are tiled with ceramic tiling. Floors are covered with tiles, PVC and carpets. All the apartments are equipped with kitchen units, including electric appliances, and built-in wardrobes. The plumbing elements are Lindab.