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Žebrák, New production hall and social administrative building Mubea

In the area of  Mubea Žebrák, by the D5 motorway, a new hall for the production of automotive industry components has been built.


Location: Žebrák
Investor: Mubea s.r.o. CZ
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Production hall
Construction time: 09/2003 - 06/2004
Main indicators: Built-up area of the production hall  -  4 888 sq.m
Enclosed volume of the hall  -  52 320 cu.m
Built-up area of the administrative building   -  1 000 sq.m
Enclosed volume of the administrative building  -  9 300 cu.m
Description: This is a two-nave production hall, with various elevations equipped with bridge cranes. Its built-up area is 4 888 sq.m and enclosed volume is 52 320 cu.m. The steel load-bearing frame has a transversal span of 2x22.5 m and longitudinal span of 18x6.25 m, nave height is 12 and 9.8m. It is founded on piles. The facade is of  sandwich panels mounted on precast concrete panels. The roofing  includes skylights for daily ventilation and for extraction of heat and smoke. The floor of the hall is of  wire concrete with abrasion resistant Corodur coat. The hall heating is ensured by Rheiland gas units with forced draft fans combined with recuperative units Alfa. It is planned that 120 persons will be employed there in a three-shift operation. The administrative building has a built-up area of 1000 sq.m, enclosed volume 9300 cu.m. It is a two-storey building, formed by a load-bearing steel structure founded on piles,  a composite facade, and prefabricated ceiling slabs. It has office rooms for employees and management of the company, formed by glazed partition walls and  glass doors, and also sanitary and changing rooms for employees. In the main entry space there is a formal staircase with stainless elements, completed by green granite floor tiles.  The building also includes technical space of the boiler room, compressor station and transformer station with switch room. Within the scope of the project it was necessary to construct an access road, parking for employees, to re-lay and connect sewerage, water and gas piping, to  construct a new high-voltage connection, to drain the brook, and to build a waste water treatment plant.   The project also included ground shaping and soft landscaping including fencing.