Volduchy, Borgers Production Works

Construction of a production works for BORGERS CS in Volduchy near Rokycany.


Location: Voduchy u Rokycan
Investor: BORGERS CS Rokycany
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Production works
Construction time: 04/2003 - 02/2004
Main indicators: Built-up area 21,290 sq.m
Enclosed volume 191, 610 cu.m
Description: The production hall is a steel structure, its built-up area is 21,290 sq.m and enclosed volume 191, 610 cu.m; the skeleton has a width of 3 times 30 m and a length of 26 times 9 m. About 500 persons are expected to work here. The office building has a built-up area of 955 sq,m, enclosed space 7,615 cu.m – two aboveground storeys. A part of the construction is also a power centre, a 540 cu.m reservoir for fire-fighting water, roads, a car park, fencing, landscaping, branch sewers, gas connections and water supply pipes, adaptations of waste water treatment plant and other items.