Tušimice, slag removal and waste water utilization at Tušimice Power Plant

Transition of the power plant Tušimice II. from sludge depositing to the sludge bed Tušimice to its application as a component for filling-up the mining space Stodola and landscaping before recultivation of the Libouš dump.


Location: Elektrárna Tušimice
Investor: ČEZ, a. s
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Package of technological projects
Construction time: 09/2003 - 09/2004
Main indicators: Ensuring the power plant operation for a period of 15 years 
Waste water treatment: 75 to 80 thousand cu.m annually
Description: The project execution is expected to ensure operation of the power plant for a minimum period of 15 years in the area of handling the total production of sludge, including the essential reserve for a part of fly ash.  The existing sludge transportation system to the sludge bed remains unchanged while the equipment and facilities have been partly modified. The essential change of this part of the project is the construction of a complete new transportation route of the pipeline 2 x DN 350 from the footbase of sludge bed embankment and 1 x DN 350 leading to the draining cassettes. The sludge bed as a water management work remains henceforth in operation. However, its function changes from final sludge deposit to its drainage. 
Application of waste waters deals with the disposal of technological water from desulphurization, neutralization, clarifiers, sluicing filters, technological waters from the sludge bed. Modifications or changes in handling oily water and rainwater are also part of the project.