Teplice, Construction of the Knauf Insulation Production Works

Construction on the Knauf Insulation production works has started in the industrial estate in Krupka, Teplice district. A complex of structures is being developed on an L shaped plot encompassed by park and garden landscaping.


Location: Teplice
Investor: Knauf Insulation Belgium
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: New workshop hall
Construction time: 07/2005 - 01/2006
Main indicators: Total built-up area - 5,556 m2
Built-up space - 43,972 m3
Description: The project concerns three individual construction projects: an outbuilding for social facilities, a warehouse for manufactured goods and a security guard building. The entire project is to be constructed on a green field site and should be completed by January 2006.

Based upon results from engineering, geological and hydrological research conducted in the area, experts chose to apply the most convenient method of laying the structures’ foundations - deep into the ground on large-diameter piles. This would not be necessary for the security guard building, which is to be carried out in a standard way, using bricks and founded on a monolithic foundation footing. All buildings will feature disabled access, so that Knauf Insulation can employ physically challenged individuals.