Temelín, Secondary protection of the external cladding of cooling towers in Temelín nuclear plant.

The subject of the order is the secondary protection of the external cladding of cooling towers no. 3 and 4 at the Temelín nuclear plant.


Location: Temelín
Investor: ČEZ a.s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Construction time: 01/2005-08/2005
Main indicators: Tower height:    155 m
Height of suction opening:    10.70 m
Radius at the level of the suction opening:    58.90 m
Smallest radius of the cladding of the draft chimney: 38.50 m
Radius at the crown of the chimney:    41.31 m
Thickest part of the cladding: 900 mm
Thinnest part of the cladding: 180 mm
Total area of the external surface of the cladding: 44 000 sq.m
Requested shade of the final coating of the external cladding is RAL 7032.
Description: Secondary protection is based on pre-preparation of the surface of the external cladding (rough manual cleaning of the external surface cladding, cleaning of the external surface cladding by pressurized water, cleaning and protection of the support, re-profiling of the external cladding and ribs), coating (secondary protection of the external cladding), cleaning of the crown of tower – gallery (repair of possible corrosion defects on prefab parts of the gallery, cleaning and repair of joints, alteration of stepping areas, secondary protection of the inner surface of the gallery railing and the repair of day aircraft signs – protective and signal coating), cleaning of the ferroconcrete staircase construction (repairs of corrosion defects, anti-corrosion protection of steel anchor plates, secondary protection of gauged areas and protecting coating of the staircase), repair of sealing of the external cladding after cleaning – bushing for wires,  minor repairs of staircase railing and pool coating, local repair of coating of the steel access ladder damaged during surface cladding cleaning and possible execution of other relevant work.  Inseparable part of the work is the control and possible agreed repairs of the internal cladding, which was treated with secondary protection in 1998. It is preliminarily considered that the rehabilitation of the external cladding of cooling towers no. 3 and 4 will be executed by using similar, industrially produced materials as was the case in cooling towers no.1 and 2.