Plzeň, Assembling plant Siemens - 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage

The project of an assembly plant for production of cable bundlees for the client  SIEMENS AT Plzeň in Stage I, later on in Stage II and III for SY Wiring Technologie Czech Plzeň.


Location: Plzeň
Investor: Siemens-Yazaki Wiring Technologies Czech s.r.o. Plzeň
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Production facility with administrative building, new building
Construction time: 08/2001 - 07/2003
Main indicators: Built-up area of buildings 20 550 m2
Enclosed volume of buildings 194 900 m3
Area of roads and parking places 12 990 m2

Client´s intention was to concentrate this production in a single plant.   HOCHTIEF VSB has constructed a production complex with factory buildings, administrative building and catering facility on the area of almost 43000 m2. 

The complex also includes storage halls, freight yard, loading ramps, car parking, entrance part with a gate house, outdoor light-weight stores, transformer station and utility networks.  Main part of this production complex is formed by two production buildings of dimensions 72 x 93m, where production lines of the client are located. The buildings are formed by three blocks 3x24m with load-bearing steel structure, with light-weight sandwich facade with windows and gates, saddle roof and lighted by skylights with a system for heat and smoke removal. The floor is made of reinforced fibre concrete. Hot-air heating system and a grillage for process piping are installed under the roof of the production building. 

Adjacent administrative building is a two-storey building, partly three-storey building of dimensions 171 x 7,8m with adjoining catering part 22x28m. Load-bearing structure is an assembled reinforced concrete frame encased by porous concrete panels and flat roof.  In the building there are offices, change rooms and technical background of the plant (switch rooms, heat exchangers, compressor station, standby power supply room) with relevant equipment. Catering facility is formed by a kitchen and a canteen.