Písek, Construction of technological channels AISIN

Execution of technological control channels and foundation pads for the mounting of machinery used to produce motor components took place in Písek for the company AISIN.


Location: Písek
Investor: AISIN Europe Manufacturing Czech
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Set of technological elements
Construction time: 09-2004 - 01/2005
Description: The project consisted of the main technological channel of the length of 86m, construction of branch channels of various lengths, construction of multi-level footings and shafts for draining of machinery waste. Construction of the main channel is based on a ferroconcrete slab of thickness of 300 mm.  The channel construction is made of ferroconcrete monolithic walls and monolithic ferroconcrete floor slab.  Walls of the main channel were fitted with wooden cabinets for future connection of branch channels.  Supporting ferroconcrete constructions are made of C 25/30 concrete.  Footings were fitted with drains leading to the collection shaft.  Water proofing in the entire complex was secured by the use of Stafol foil with double geotextile.  Protection of water proofing is secured by OSB slabs.   Part of the work also consisted of full production and assembly of galvanized frames for fitting of mobile grates covering the branch channels and the production and assembly of steel elements for machinery mounting.