Nelahozeves, Central Tank Farm

The Central Tank Farm is designed for the storage of crude oil fed by the international pipelines IKL and Druzhba and for its distribution to the oil refineries, namely to the 1st Czech Refinery Co. at Litvínov and to Kaučuk Kralupy.


Localtion: Nelahozeves
Investor: MERO ČR, a.s
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: tank farm
Construction time: 07/1993 - 10/1994
Main indicators: Steel oil tanks, four units of 50,000 cu.m ea and four units of 100,000 cu.m.ea

The tank farm is situated in the vicinity of  Nelahozeves, district of Mělník, in the former sand pit Uhy. It extends over an area of 35 hectares and its construction consisted of 4 stages:

Stage 0: rough earthworks – 350,000 cubic metres, reclamation of the slopes of the sand pit. Pumping station for fire-fighting water with a conduit of 2,800 metres in length., the conduit for drinking water of 2,200 metres in length, high-pressure gas connection of 1,200 metres in length, cable connections of 4,000 metres and a fence of 2,500 metres were constructed.

Stage 1: Foundation of four tanks of 50 metres in diameter each, replacement of 80,000 cubic metres of subsoil, construction of a road with asphalt surface – 12,000 square metres, construction of the operating building, the fire engine house, the gas boiler house and the transformer station.

Stage 2: Foundation of four steel storage tanks of 100 metres in diameter each, construction of roads and hard surfaces. 

Stage 3: Foundation of two tanks, pipeline distribution system, connection of the tanks, construction of sewerage.