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Mohelnice, New production plant

A new Siemens production plant was currently erected in Mohelnice.


Location: Mohelnice
Investor: Siemens
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: New hall
Construction time: 07/2005-11/2005
Main indicators:

Area of construction site                         12,049 m2
Area of entire plot         72,294 m3
Area of premises        11,185 m2
Area of production facilities      7,052 m2
Area of warehouse          2,317 m2

Two-storey inner section              864 m2


Bearing structures made of prefabricated reinforced concrete form the four sections of the production hall. It has a frame assembled from reinforced concrete with axial ground plan dimensions of 125.1 x 96.0m and a two-storey in-built section for administrative purposes. On the ground floor, there are changing rooms for employees and additional spaces - a transformer station, boiler and compressor rooms. In the centre of the building is the main entrance with a lobby, a reception room, a WC, a day room with a refreshments point and the main flight of stairs leading to the first floor, where one can find offices for technical staff with utility rooms – sanitary facilities, a kitchenette and two conference rooms.

The building is oriented north to south. All administrative and subsidiary rooms face the southern façade, which allows for sufficient natural daylight for technical staff. The factory is currently utilised by fifty employees, the number of production workers is expected to rise to 150 in January 2006. A stairway and ramp shape the entrance to the building, the stairs to the first floor are equipped with an electric stair lift. There are also toilets on the first floor with disabled access.