Kaplice, Assembly and storage hall D+G Elektrik Kaplice

A new assembly and storage hall C has been constructed in Kaplice, South Bohemia, at the facility of D+G Elektrik Kaplice.


Location: Kaplice
Investor: D+G Elektrik Kaplice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Newly constructed hall
Construction time: 11/2004-04/2005
Description: The purpose of the construction was not only to rationalise the production process and to eliminate the upstream flows of materials, but especially to provide needed storage areas which made it possible to remove losses arising due to the storage of products in the open air area. The actual hall is formed by one nave with a span of 30 m and 9 fields by 6 m each, with a storage height of 6 m.