Chvaletice, Desulphurization of the power station

The project provides for the desulphurization of the chimney gases exhaling from the Chvaletice thermal power station. The facility is built as part of a programme by the company ČEZ, a.s. to desulphurize all thermal power stations.


Location: Chvaletice
Investor: ČEZ a.s., Elektrárna Chvaletice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: complex technological objects
Construction time: 04/1996 - 06/1998
Description: The individual parts of the construction are founded mostly on ferro-concrete strips and in exceptional cases on a ferro-concrete slab, depending on the conditions of the foundations. 
The load-bearing structures mostly have the form of steel carcass with brickwork, partly clad with sandwich panels. This system was chosen for architectural reasons, so that the new structures would fit properly into the existing built-up area on the premises of the power plant. There are plastic windows, most of them non-operable. The roof structure is made of slabs filled with pearlite concrete. The thermal insulation is of polyurethane foam with protective coating. 
The gypsum warehouse makes part of the group of buildings of the desulphurization facility and represents an interlink between the desulphurization itself and the mixing centre. The load-bearing structure is of ferro-concrete and is completed with steel structure. Conveyers and a loading machine make a part of the delivery.