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Choustník, Warehouse and dispatch hall, Bohemia Chips

A single-aisle, two-storey ferroconcrete structure with built-in sanitary facilities was used in the construction of the warehouse and dispatch hall. The dimensions of the hall are 60 by 24 metres.


Location: Choustník, Tábor
Investor: CHIO Bohemia, a.s., Tábor
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: New warehouse and dispatch hall
Construction time: 07/1993 - 05/1994
Main indicators: built-up space: 8 640 cubic metres
built-up area:  1 440 square metres
Description: The structure of the 1st aboveground floor consists of 90/40 cm columns embedded into the belled-out foundation footings poured in-situ, further of beams of 90/40 cm with a length of 12 metres and of SPIROLL ceiling slabs 12 cm thick. The load-bearing capacity of the ceiling on the 1st aboveground floor is sized for fork-lift truck travel. The structure of the 2nd aboveground floor (the roof) is made of 60/40 cm columns, of prestressed roof girders 24 metres in length, of coffered slabs 29 cm thick and of roof gutters. The longitudinal bracing of the hall is secured with peripheral bracing of 60/40 cm. The external mantle consists of ceramic panels 35 cm thick.