České Velenice, Welding hall annex Magna Cartech

In the industrial zone - business park in České Velenice, construction of a welding hall annex inclusive external facilities was completed for the company Magna Cartech in four months.


Location: České Velenice
Investor: Magna Cartech
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Construction time: 08/2005 - 12/2005
Main indicators:  
Description: The company Magna Cartech, manufacturer of automobile parts, was extended by a new welding hall, two adjacent stores and new roads within the area. All this was executed during investor’s non-stop three-shift operation.

The added stores and hall are of steel with 5-meter’s frame grid. Floor of the stores is asphalt, floor of the hall is executed of fibre-concrete with a high bearing value. Cladding and roofing of the hall is of Kingspan panels. The entire equipment of the hall (electro-installation, ventilation, central heating) is performed as above-standard. The project naturally includes also external areas – access roads, external sewerage, adjustments of existing parking place and supply of a new gatehouse to which both new and existing electronic fire alarms are led. Landscaping was not performed in the year 2005 due to climatic conditions and due to the changes in the project design made with regard to the further planned development of the company Magna Cartech.