České Velenice, Pressing shop Magna Stamping

The Magna Stamping project is a stamping shop for automobile industry components. The building is a part of the industrial park with an area of 93 hectares near the country´s border.


Location: České Velenice
Investor: Bohemia Construction Graf s.r.o. Třeboň
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: New shop
Construction time: 05/1996 - 11/1996
Main indicators: Enclosed volume: 21,000 m3
Area of premises: 10,000 m2
Description: The project consists of a two-storey steel shop with technical background, and an office building. The steel shop is founded on pad footings with a partial consolidation of the subbase. The load-bearing structures of the technical background are prefabricated, the office building is brick-built. The shop is jacketed by light cladding with  polyurethane. Inside surfaces are formed by plaster coats. The internal and external openings are provided  with plastic windows and doors. The roof design consists of light roofing slabs filled with polyurethane.