České Budějovice, Reconstruction and Completion of R. Bosch Factory

Construction of two production halls with a  floor plan 50 by 118 m and 90 by 90 m, and reconstruction of two warehouses with an  area of 3,700 sq.m, with the completion of external distribution systems, a road, fencing and landscaping.


Location: České Budějovice
Investor: R. BOSCH České Budějovice, s.r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Reconstruction and completion
Construction time: 07/1992 - 12/1993
Main indicators: New halls: 50 by 118 m, 90 by 90 m
Reconstruction of warehouses: 3,700 sq.m
Description: The production halls have a precast reinforced concrete skeleton with a module of 12 by 12 m (6 by 6 m) founded on bored piles approx. 4.5 m deep and cast-in-situ footing. The roof structure is of precast reinforced concrete elements. The construction depth of the halls is 8 m. The halls are jacketed with Ha-Inronville steel shell, aluminium windows, Sarnafil coated roofing  The halls have three-storey sanitary and office annexes of the same structure and the within the halls steel structures with brick lining for operational background. Both halls have in the 1st longitudinal span a storey used as an engine room for ventilation, heating of a transformer station, electrical installation switchboard, refrigeration circuits, compressors and the compressed air distribution systems. All distribution systems are hung under the ceilings. The floors of production areas are of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete with Duracon synthetic surface, or Duralit magnesite screed . The warehouses were subject to reconstruction of the existing jacketing, floors and roofs, annex to the power centre, the built-in system of offices and completely new distribution systems. The road is paved with  asphalt, fencing is of plastic coated wire netting.