České Budějovice, Developmental center and energy center of R. Bosch company

Developmental center and energy center of R.Bosch company is growing up.


Location: České Budějovice
Investor: R. BOSCH České Budějovice, s. r. o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: New building
Construction time: 09/2004-04/2005
Main indicators: Drilled pylons: depth   9 m
                         diameter     900 mm
Description: In the Developmental Center as well as in the Energy Center the construction is consisting of prefab, ferroconcrete, double storey skeleton with the storey height of 4.3m and divider 2 x 9m, length module 6m, ground plan area of 96.4m x 18m.  Technical floor is solved as a steel annex with a ground plan area of 54 x 10,5 m. Object is founded on drilled pylons with the diameter of 900 mm, average depth of 9m. Part of the work is the execution of horizontal sewerage, fire protection water, cabling and communication next to the object.  Other works consist of roofing and adjustment of concrete surfaces of constructions. In concurrency with Developmental Center,an Energy Center is being built, with the ground plan of 18 x 18 m and a of the same construction.