Želeč, Dump for solid municipal waste

The controlled dump is designed for depositing solid municipal waste from the district town Tábor and its surroundings. The location of the dump is advantageous for the whole catchment zone.


Location: Želeč
Investor: Rumpold s. r. o., Odlehlá 53, Praha
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: dump for solid municipal waste
Construction time: 05/1996 - 09/1996
Main indicators: Area: 17 000 m2
Caparity: 165 000 m3
Description: The dump is divided into two sections. One of them was opened on July 1, 1996, the other one will be opened as soon as the first section is full. The double sealing of the dump consists of 60 centimetres of mineral sealing and of GUNDLE  foil with a monitoring system to detect possible rupture of the foil. The main structures are the settling tank, the operating building, the shaking grate, the sump for dump water, the delivery pipeline from the tank for dump spraying, the regulation of the existing water flow, the gas collecting system, the one-kilometre-long fencing of the whole dump and the access road.