Volfartice, Waste dump

During the construction of the large-capacity waste dump for the area of Česká Lípa, the presence of drinking water sources was taken into account, as well as the fact that a considerable area was burdened by the activity of the uranium industry.


Investor: KC - CZ EZKO, s.r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Type: Waste dump
Construction time: 07/2003-11/2004
Main indicators: Capacity of the dump: 1 570 000 cu.m of waste including covered layers
Safeguarding of the dump: mineral and sheet seal
Area of the dump: 5.98 hectares
Yearly quantity of deposited waste: 50 000 - 98 000 cu.m
Period of operation: 22 years
Description: The waste dump is constructed in a way to utilize to a maximum the area in question, without damaging the character of surrounding landscape, with a good prospective of subsequent incorporation of the recultivated dump into the landscape. The dump is divided into 12 stages, including the construction of a new access road outside of the municipality Nový Oldřichov. The dump construction includes common and ancillary structures: striking-off and washing area, tensometric balance, camera system, fencing, weak current distribution system, lighting of the deposition area, public lighting, roads, sewerage (draining of the pit base), monitoring bore-holes, leachate sump including pumping of leachate water, degassing equipment.