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Svitavy, Flood Control Measures

The town of Svitavy will be protected from a 50-year flood.


Location: Svitavy
Investor: Povodí Moravy, s.p.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Construction time: 09/2003 -12/2005
Main indicators: Locality securing against a 50-year flood.
Description: It is the purpose of this construction to protect the urban area of Svitavy in the 2 km Svitava river log. The riverbed is reinforced with rock back filling, or rather with flood control dowels lined with stone in sections with a minimum chance of river bed expansion besides the current permanent acquisition.

The shape of the riverbed copies the features of the Svitava River in this section as much as possible. There has been performed a 1 m deep cut with double-sided bank ledges and inclined slopes. In sections with tight space characteristics the bank ledges are single-sided or they are completely left out. The flood control construction will also improve the visual characteristics of the Svitava riverbed. The 1 m deep cut creation in the river bed will result in minimum flow channelling into a narrow area and this will alleviate the rotting processes from sewage in the wide bed of the Svitava River and remove any unpleasant smell.

The riverbanks are covered with black earth and grassed. In some sections the river bed structure has been completed with flood-control concrete dowels, or with rectangular protection walls in the total length of approximately 1500 m. These are sections where the owners’ properties on the bank reach to the river bed edge and there is no other way to protect these properties.