Strakonice, Sewage treatment plant

The new sewage treatment plant is located close to the former communal treatment plant the capacity of which, as well as the quality of the effluent water, was no more satisfactory. A reconstruction of this old treatment plant followed.


Location: Strakonice
Investor: Strakonice Municipality
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: complex of technological structures
Construction time: 11/1994 - 09/1997
Main indicators: Capacity: 17 300 m3/den
The cleaning effect according BSK5: 93 %
Description: The new structure for shared coarse screening is followed by the biological treatment in the old and the new part of the treatment plant. The biological treatment of the old part is located in the reconstructed biological filters. In one of these filters, the former stony material was substituted with the special plastic material SESSIL, the first time this filter medium for sewage water treatment was used in the Czech Republic. A two-stage biofiltration and nitrification make it possible to treat one third of the volume of sewage water. The remaining two thirds are treated in a new biological line equipped with all stages of treatment at up-to-date level , and featuring computer-controlled operation.