Řevnice, Repair to water mains and providing flood defences

Erecting a new water tower with a capacity of 2 x 500m3 will increase drinking water reserves supplying the local region.


Location: Řevnice
Investor: The town of Řevnice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Construction time: 10/2004 - 11/2005
Main indicators: Reconstruction of 2.41km of water mains.

The project includes restoration of the existing water mains and safeguarding against the repetition of floods, such as occurred in August 2002. The project consists of the reconstruction of an existing gravitational system from its source – the Kejná - 2.41km in length. Within the spring area near the River Berounka, new waterworks are planned with a capacity of 16 litres/sec.

A new water tower with a capacity of 5 litres/sec, supplied by the Kejná, is to be constructed using the existing Na Výšině water tower as its basis. In the vicinity of the source of the River Berounka, openings above all shaft wells will be heightened by annexing a stack as protection against flooding that occurs once every century.