Prachatice, Sewage treatment plant

The new sewage treatment plant for the region of Prachatice was built into the original treatment plant while a part of the equipment was preserved. The sewage water is brought to the treatment plant through the new trunk sewer.


Location: Prachatice
Investor: Prachatice Municipality
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Complex of technological structures
Construction time: 09/1996 - 08/1998
Main indicators: Capacity: 6 000 m3/day
Equivalent population: 33 000
Description: The treatment plant is mechanical-biological with a two-stage biological filtration. The technological equipment consists of the gross pretreatment with fine self-cleaning, machine-wiping sieves, completed with a sand trap and equipment for removal of fats, of two settling tanks with chain feeders, a circular intermediate settling tank, of bio-filters of the 1st and 2nd stage, of two vertical and one round final sedimentation tank. The final cleaning of waste water is done with two drum micro-sieves. The settlings are taken away into the structure for thickening and draining of the settlings where there is a sieve-band press and subsequently they are carried away into the storage tank and the septic tank. The bio-gas produced is fed into the gas tank. The settling gas is used to heat up the septic tanks. Sumps, chambers, pumping stations, cable distribution and other operating structures form an integral part of the treatment plant.