Lověšice, Dump for industrial waste

The controlled dump is designed for depositing dangerous industrial waste of the „N“ category, coming from the factory Jihočeské papírny (South Bohemian Paper Mills) at Větřní. The characteristics of the dump comply with the requirements of the valid legislation as well as of the legislation in preparation.


Location: Lověšice
Investor: Jihočeské papírny, a.s., Větřní (South Bohemian Paper Mills)
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: dump for industrial waste
Construction time: 07/1992 - 11/1993
Main indicators: Capacity: 500 000 m3
Sealing range base: 3 ha
Description: The dump is situated on impermeable subsoil and there is a thorough double sealing. The 60-centimetre-high mineral sealing layer is completed with “CARBAFOL-PEHD” foil. The dump has three grades, the height of one grade is 10 metres and the hypotenuse is 30 metres long. The main parts are: the entrance structure with a weighing machine, the garage for the compactor, the sedimenting  tank, the capture channels to prevent the penetration of sewage into the dump body, the sump for dump water, monitoring wall with a drill hole, the three-kilometre-long fencing of the whole dump, the access road, the supporting baffles, the pump station and two interconnected biological ponds for the water from the collecting channels of the dump.