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Klatovy, Sewage Treatment Plant

The project comprises the complete modernization of the machinery and technological equipment, including the automatic control system of the sewage treatment plant.


Location: Klatovy
Investor: City of Klatovy
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Sewage treatment plant
Construction time: 08/2001 - 04/2003
Description: The construction works included the rehabilitation of the existing reinforced concrete structures. Within the scope of the execution of construction works, the existing facilities were upgraded both in the construction part as well as in the technological part: Modernization of inflow structures – maintenance of gravel trap, railing replacement, ceiling maintenance, wall insulation. Construction modifications and modernization of the mechanical purification technology and maintenance of troughs and tanks were performed. Further, the biological purification part was reconstructed – reconstruction of aeration and final sedimentation tanks and of buildings with sanitary facilities, construction of a building of tertiary purification – drum filters. Reconstruction and modernization of regeneration tanks and blower facilities were carried out. Modernization and reconstruction of sludge management, including the technological equipment were also performed. Further, the reconstruction and modernization of the operating building and dispatch room, including garages and the transformer station. Overall modernization of the linking pipeline system took place: improvement of the existing distribution, laying of the new pipeline and cable lines (ND 100 – ND 800, materials: glass-laminate, corrugated PVC, insulated steel).