Kladno, Sewage Treatment Plant

This treatment plant serves the city of Kladno. Founded in 1968 in Kladno-Vrapice, the original treatment plant was submitted to an extensive reconstruction which resulted in a substantial increase of the plant capacity.


Location: Kladno
Investor: Kladno Municipality
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: complex of technological structures
Construction time: 07/1993 - 12/1996
Main indicators: Capacity: 35,000 cubic metres per day
Clening efect according BSK5: 95%
Description: In the years from 1993 till 1996, the second stage of reconstruction was accomplished, increasing the daily treatment plant capacity from 11,000 cubic metres per day to 35,000 cubic metres per day. This stage features a significant modernization of the applied technology and application of the automated system for operation management. The mechanical-biological treatment plant operates in two basic steps: in the first one – i.e. the mechanical one – water is deprived of the insoluble substances in the sand trap and in the deposit tanks and consequently, in the second step – the biological one – soluble impurities are eliminated by micro-organism action. The separated septicized settlings can be utilized as ecological fertilizer while the biogas arising during the processing of the settlings is used for the heating of the whole treatment plant.