Hněvkovice, Waterwork

Hněvkovice-Kořensko belong to a group of waterworks, the purpose of which is to supply technological water for the work of the Nuclear Power Plant Temelín.


Location: Hněvkovice
Investor: Vodohospodářský rozvoj a výstavba, a.s., Praha
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Waterwork
Main indicators: Capacity of reservoir   27,7 mil. cubic metre
Flooded area  371 ha
Description: Hněvkovice-Kořensko make use of the water power of the Vltava river on 28,6 kilometres of its stream. The loading concrete dam of the  waterworks Hněvkovice has three, 12 metres high chute spillways, that are enclosed with steel segmental closures that are 7 metres high. On the top of the dam there is a road linking both banks.