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Chvaletice, Sewage treatment plant

The reconstruction of the existing structures and the construction of the new sections of the waste water treatment plant in Chvaletice was required especially because of the construction of the facility for desulphurization and the resulting conversion from the hydraulic off-take to the dry off-take of slag and light ash.


Location: Chvaletice
Investor: ČEZ a.s., Elektrárna Chvaletice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: complex of technological structures
Construction time: 01/1998 - 08/1999
Description: Within the scope of the works, modifications of the existing structures were executed, on both the construction part and the technological part, including complete replacement of electric wiring, heating and air-conditioning. Above all, the following structures were concerned: the excavation station, the biological sewage treatment plant, the structure for sewage liquidation, the section for chemical treatment of water.  The biological treatment plant reconstruction included activation tank maintenance,  surcharging and insulating of the existing settling tanks and construction of a new settling tank. One of the technological curiosities is, for example, the filter press, situated in the section for chemical treatment of water, or the plastic feeders in the deposit tanks, situated in the structure for sewage liquidation. Reconstruction of the water piping for both drinking water and fire water, final landscaping and distribution piping of various diameters and from various materials made an integral part of the project.