Bludov, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer System

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant and sewage system is taking place in Bludov.


Location: Bludov
Investor: Towjn of Bludov
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Moravia
Construction time: 04/2005 - 12/2006
Main indicators: The total length of the sewage system is approx. 22 km connected to about 860 houses.
Description: The new construction incorporates the building of a sewage system and house connections. The entire length of the sewage is about 22 km with 860 house connections. A full wastewater treatment plant forms part of the construction as well.

Within the scope of the elaboration of project documentation, a new technological solution for the wastewater treatment plant has been developed providing better parameters of treated water at its output.

Several factors unfavourably affect accomplishing the work. The construction itself takes place in a built-up area featuring all necessary utility lines and complicated hydrogeological conditions with a high level of groundwater. Most importantly, a drainage system beneath the first category road and multiple underpass of the Bludov stream are also problematic.

Financing of the whole development is provided via public funding, through funds from the EU.