Blatensko region, Drinking water supply

The project consists of the Římov water works, the Plav water treatment plant, the Drahonice water reservoir, the Vítkov water division work, a long-distance water pipeline and the Dubina water reservoir.


Location: Blatensko, Blatná
Investor: JVS a. s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Complex of technological structures
Construction time: 08/2003 - 07/2004
Description: The project consists of the following parts: the Římov water works (supply of raw water for the South Bohemian water supply system); the Plav water treatment plant (central two-stage plant with sedimentation and sand high-rate filters); the Drahonice water reservoir; the Vítkov water division work (gravity conduit from Drahonice, supply for Písek, Strakonice and newly for the Blatensko drinking water supply pipeline); long-distance water pipeline (total length – 7.485 km with dia. 400 and 20.766 km with dia. 300, it also includes the Drhovle pumping station); the Dubina water reservoir. This project was realized thanks to financing from the European Union, the ISPA programme.