Tábor, Reconstruction of Outdoor Swimming Pool with Water Slide

Following the opening of the newly reconstructed outdoor swimming pool in 2002 including both the sports part and the water attractions, the public in Tábor has been waiting for the construction of the water slide which are a must in contemporary swim centres.


Location: Tábor
Investor: Tělovýchovná zařízení města Tábora spol. s r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Reconstruction of swimming pool
Construction time: 03/2004 - 05/2004
Main indicators: Height of water slide access floor 9300 mm
Run length 92,8 m

Three existing piles of 800 mm in diametre and 6000 mm in depth with built-in anchor elements were used for the assembly of the water slide and its access stairway. The piles were completed in advance during the reconstruction of the now finished outdoor swimming pool. The spiral staircase and the water slide run were constructed using galvanized pipes with 530 mm in diameter. Their total weight amounted to 11.800 kg. The yellow colour of the laminate water slide run combined with the blue water in the pool creates a visually pleasant look. 

The ride takes between 16-20 seconds and ends in a one meter deep landing pool. There is a turnstile at the access point to the water slide which also controls the visual signalling. The water in the pool  where the water slide ends, can be heated, lighting enables the pool to stay open late. The surrounding area underneath the water slide has been covered with grass and the visitors can either relax here or engage in sports.