Prague, Technopark Pekařská

The new office complex has risen in Prague 5 near Radlicka radial motorway.


Location: Prague 5, Pekařská
Investor: HTP CR s.r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Office complex
Construction time: 08/2002 - 09/2003
Main indicators: Built-up area of underground part: 2 658 sq.m
Built-up area of aboveground part: 1 816 sq.m
Built-up space: 48 600 cu.m
Total floor area: 14 630 sq.m
Total office area: 5 535 sq.m 
Total canteen area: 894 sq.m
Parking places in underground car park: 108 places
Parking places on surface: 54 places
Description: The building is envisaged for commercial space for rent, i.e. offices with facilities of a corresponding niveau, with a common canteen and an underground car park. There are five aboveground storeys (plus roof superstructures above the lift cores) and two underground storeys. In the aboveground part, the layout of the construction is 
divided into two L-shaped buildings (parts A and B) connected by a waist, with the axes of the buildings being in a mirroring position. The underground part of the structure has a rectangular shape measuring 90 by 30m, is common for the two buildings and takes up the whole layout basis. On the free areas of inner courtyards there are roof gardens at the 1st aboveground storey level. The main entrance is in the centre of the plot in part A. A further entrance to building A is on the north-west corner. Access to building B from Pekařská street is through a roof garden passage.
Transport access to the building is along the service road in the south to the 1st underground storey. On the south-east corner is a separate access to the canteen, access to the waste management and to the transformer station. Also on the southern side is located the entry and exit of the underground car park.
The layout of the structure is divided as follows:
Underground storey 2: car park, technical rooms, storerooms
Underground storey 1: car park, base for restaurant and supplies, storerooms, technical rooms
Aboveground storey 1: entrance halls, commercial spaces, restaurant and catering (in bldg.B),sanitary and transport coresAboveground storeys 2 to 5: areas for letting – offices
Roof superstructures: technical spaces (cooling machine room, ventilation fans)