Prague, Reconstruction of the Czech Radio Broadcast Company

In Prague in Vinohradská street the repair and reconstruction of the building of Czech Radio Broadcast Company is being carried out.


Location: Prague
Investor: Český rozhlas
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Prague, OHLŽS
Type: Reconstruction
Construction time:  
Main indicators: Load bearing structure of the building: 1160 t
Enclosure: 98 440 m3
Built up area: 3913 m2
Greenery area: 415 m2
Administrative and editors’ offices: 600 – 650 places
Floor area: 16 610m2
Description: The listed building is a witness of the insensitive care of many past years. The history of the building goes back to year 1929 – it was designed by the architect Bohuslav Sláma. The first mention about the reconstruction is dated sometimes around 2000 and it defines requirements for the meaningful use of the existing buildings. After the series of consultations the individual solutions for the building, located between Vinohradská, Balbínova and Římská streets wee approved.

On the place previously called “Seidlovo pole”, after the extensive construction changes, annex and various interventions and adjustments of the interior it has ended as two interconnected buildings. The first one – irregular rectangle with 60 m sides with four wings – has risen on the corner of Vinohradská street and Balbínova street. The other is the post-war annex with two L-shaped wings.
The number of the floors in the buildings differs – between seven floors on Vinohradská street and three floors of the west wing of the building. The annex has four floors.

The structural system of the original building is a steel frame with pillars cased in brick walling. The ceilings are borne by steel girders and partitions are bricked. The annex is structurally a reinforced concrete monolithic frame with beam ceilings.

The construction is of functionalistic style, with annex following this concept. The project resolves the connection to the building in Římská street. The inexpert interventions carried out in 1950s to 1980s suppressed the functionalistic character. Hence the purpose is to restore all the remaining elements and link them up with the current requirements and the comfort for the users.

Reconstruction is carried out in the two stages – first stage was completed in the past years and concerned the part facing Římská street. The second stage of the repair and reconstruction of the Czech Radio Broadcast Company building executed by the joint forces of HOCHTIEF CZ and OHL ŽS concerns the streets Vinohradská and Balbínova. The project also covers the basement to first floor, which was not included in the first stage.
The handover of the completed reconstruction is planned for April 2009.