Prague, Reconstruction of President Hotel

Reconstruction of  President Hotel on Dvořák Embankment in Prague.


Location: Prague 1, Old Town
Investor: President Hotels, s.r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Hotel reconstruction
Construction time: 08/2003 - 07/2004
Main indicators: Built – up area: 2,325 square metres
Built – up space: 66,697 cubic metres

Two buildings were joined to become the new PRESIDENT Hotel: the former café of the Association of Engineers and Architects (SIA), and Hotel Budovatel. The structural system of the two buildings differs, the SIA café is built as a steel structure with ubsequent in-situ concrete, Hotel Budovatel is a classical reinforced concrete box system.The height levels of the individual storeys are mutually shifted, as the SIA has two undergound and six aboveground storeys, Budovatel is a hotel with seven storeys and two underground storeys. At present, the underground storeys are used for technical and supply facilities, the ground floor contains the entrance hall, the commercial operations (casino, restaurant) and the kitchen. The fifth floor is destined for conferences and seminars, with four spacious conference rooms and a stand-by kitchen. The sixth floor with one half of the layout dimensions serves as the machine room for the air handling system and lifts. The other storeys offer accommodation for hotel guests totalling 101 rooms.

The project consists in the complete structural reconstruction of the hotel building, as well as all other trades. The basic concept of the refurbishment is an increase of accommodation capacity from the present 101 rooms to 134 rooms, which will be achieved through the conversion of the fifth floor into hotel rooms, including a presidential suite and an apartment for the hotel manager. The old-fashioned lateral entrance to the hotel will be substituted with an entrance „from the riverside“, which with the help of structural adjustments will be linked up with a spacious well-lit hotel lobby with the reception and a restaurant. The kitchen will be minimalized to about 140 sq.m, which will create space for three conference rooms. To improve the access to these conference rooms the existing service core with four personal lifts will be rebuilt into a corridor with two evacuation lifts. The existing rooms will be completely cleared and refurbished (carpets, floor and wall tiles, soffits, plaster etc.) The new gas boiler room will be transferred from the underground to the sixth aboveground floor, the same goes for the major part of air handling machine rooms. So as to offer comprehensive hotel services, a car park for about ten cars will be located in the first underground storey; a new access to which will be created by redesigning the actual areaway. The existing space of the boiler house extending over two undergound storeys, will be remade into a conference room. The external look of the facade will remain practically unchanged (due to intellectual property rights), the glazed parts will be completely dismantled and substituted with a new execution using aluminium profiles with interrupted thermal bridge. Clinker wall tiling and concrete surfaces will be washed with pressure water or wet blasting, locally repaired where necessary and the concrete surfaces will be provided with fine-pigment paint. The existing roof mantle will be provided with thermal insulation and a damp-proof membrane. New plumber´s elements of titanium zinc will be fitted. Technological equipment (central heating, air handling, cooling, sanitary fittings, electric power etc.) will be a completely new delivery. Ventilation and heating of hotel space will be secured by the air-handling system with the use of fan-coil units. Underground storeys will be heated with panel radiators. Materials used in these trades will be mainly copper, galvanized pipe conduits and PVC distribution.