Prague, Reception to Hangar F

Project contains the construction of a reception and a service entrance. Part of the construction is also the relaying of all existing buried services and demolition of existing reinforced areas (parking lot) as preparation for future construction of Parking D.


Location: Prague
Investor: Airport Prague
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: New building
Construction time: 11/2005 - 05/2006
Main indicators: Object 07 reception
Area without external roof – 64,545 m2
Area with external roof – 164,97 m2
Enclosure without external roof – 296,9 m3
Enclosure with external roof – 862,24 m3

Object 08 service entrance
Built-up area including entrance staircase - 261,12 m2
Enclosure including entrance staircase – 1164,21 m3
Description: Newly constructed reception contains a control station and its relevant background. Its object is founded on simple concrete passes. Supporting ceiling elements are made of steel beams, ceiling plane and subsequently by trapeze sheet metal with concrete filler. Peripheral jacket is made of POROTHERM brickwork and is insulated by a thermal insulation jacket. Reception object is over spanned by an individual ceiling construction on steel pillars, which bridges over the roads passing along the reception. This construction is founded on foundation passes, which are widened at pillar footings.

The reception object is complemented by an entrance hall, which serves also as a service entrance. It has a glass façade and is roofed by a light jacket laid on a steel truss.