Prague, Old Customs House – reconstruction and extension

Reconstruction of the existing old building and construction of the new building. The building is mainly used for office purposes. In the remaining part of the reconstructed building there is a shopping mall and a restaurant.


Location: Prague 1
Investor: BALDER spol. s r.o.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Business and Office Centre
Construction time: 09/1999 - 04/2001
Main inditors: Built-up area: 1,120 square metres
Built-up space: 41,352 cubic metres
Description: The old building with one underground floor and three 
aboveground floors has undergone complete reconstruction of the circumferential masonry, the ceilings, the saddle roof  truss and the roofing. On the outside part, a glazed roof mantle of insulation glass shaded with templates of expanded metal was constructed. The wooden part of the roof truss remains visible. The façade consists of common plaster with painting, new windows were installed.
The new building has four underground and seven aboveground floors and was constructed in the inner courtyard of the old building. On the underground floors there are 100 parking spaces. For the construction of these floors, the technology of cast-in-situ ferro-concrete skeleton was applied. On the aboveground floors there is a steel structure with concrete finish on the in-situ concrete ceilings and parapets. The first floor of the new building passes across two floors of the old building, thus forming an atrium. The southern façade (the courtyard part) is glazed with glass plates of various colours. To interconnect the floors, three staircases and two personal elevators were installed. Both buildings are interconnected in such a way as
to enable access to both buildings from each floor.