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Prague, Office Park Trianon

HOCHTIEF CZ has commenced the execution of the project O.P.B.H. – Office Park Budějovická HOCHTIEF – named Trianon. As its name suggests the building will be on Budějovické square in Prague.


Location: Prague
Investor: HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Prague
Type: New building
Construction time: 05/2007 - 1Q 2009
Main indicators: Number of above ground floors – main building 8
Number of above ground floors – back wings 5 – 6
Number of above ground floors – corner building 11 + 1
Number of underground floors 4
Total enclosure ca 127 860 m3
Total built up area 3 156 m2
Description: Trianon is a commercial administrative building with catering service for the staff and the public and commercial rental areas on the level of the parterre of the entry hall. On the upper floors there will be rentable office space. The three storey underground parking will serve the building.

The main eight storey building separates the residential development from Budějovické square. The part facing the residential development has four five storey wings, protruding from the main building and softening the transition between the residential area with the estate tranquil greenery and the main mass of the building. Three of the wings have significantly receding sixth floor. The dominant feature of the corner composition is an eleven storey tower building. It is crowned by receding twelfth technical support floor with a tower clock. The tower is shelled by doubled glass façade. The building does not exceed the surrounding development in the height. The maximum height of the corner tower is 46,2 m.

The building is roofed by the flat roofs. On the roofs of the fifth above ground floors and the part of the ninth there will be green roof gardens. The remaining roofs will be planted with xerophilous types of plants.

The frontage of the building facing to Budějovická and Vyskočilova streets is on the level of the parterre supplemented by row of commercial rental spaces - shops. They will be appreciated mainly by the public, to which they will be accessible from the access walkway along the Budějovické square. The parterre outside the front façade will be complemented by a row of trees, parking bay and street furniture. The pavement will be paved by a stone mosaic with the strips of dark stone slabs ending with sunken street light. The trees will have a cast iron tree grate. Between the trees in the regular intervals there are stone benches with a wooden seat.

Another part of the project is a park, established in the back part of the building. The green areas protrude into the yards of the building and incorporate the building into the surroundings. They ate complemented by the planting of low hedges and perennials in symmetrical ornaments.