Prague, extension, addition and reconstruction of Catering ČSA

Project includes the extension, addition and reconstruction of Catering ČSA at the airport Prague Ruzyně.


Location: Prague 6, Ruzyně
Investor: ČSA a.s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Extension, addition and reconstruction
Construction time: 12/2004 - 05/2005
Main indicators: Upon completion the floor area of the building will increase by approximately 2500 sq.m.

The object has one underground and two aboveground floors. It serves for the production and distribution of meals to airplanes. A single storey addition will be constructed, which will serve as the dispatching hall. Further extension in the 2nd storey will serve for the purpose of storage, technological background and as change rooms.  The heat insulation of the façade will be executed as well as the complete replacement of windows and glazed portals, extension of air-conditioning and cooling systems, supplementation of MaR system, complete reconstruction of internal sewerage, new installation of EPS, CCTV, ER, structured cabling, additional and new wiring, replacement of 5 elevators and 1 additional new elevator.   

Part of the construction is the relaying of the external sewerage. The additional building is founded on pylons and ferroconcrete supporting passes; supporting construction is steel; external filler brickwork Ytong.  Other additions and extensions are of the same construction (steel+Ytong). All new horizontal constructions are made of profiled sheet metal plates (VSŽ) and concrete slabs. Roofs are designed as flat with melted bitumen passes. All work is being performed alongside the full, non-stop operation of the user.