Prague, Construction of Private School Campus

New university and accommodation complex on area of a size of three football pitches will be built in the near future in Prague 13, district of Stodůlky.


Location: Praha
Investor: Campus – Private High School (Unistav)
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Bohemia
Type: New building
Construction time: 12/2006 - 12/2007
Main indicators: built up area 2 133 m2
Description: Campus – Private High School, who decided to improve the academic environment, included the possibility of accommodation for their students and pedagogues. Comfort living will be found here by the students and school staff but also by interested members of public.

The accommodation part of the complex is taking into account construction of 75 apartments, the smallest of which will have 70 m2 and the largest nearly 100 m2. The built up area, the school building and three apartment houses take up about one quarter of the total area of the complex. Remaining will be dedicated mainly to greenery. As well as respite areas with benches there will be a jogging track, long-jump course and several multifunctional sportsgrounds with artificial surface.

The school will have two underground and five above-ground floors, with the highest floor receding. This will create a spacious terrace, appreciated by teachers and residents of the three top floor flats. In the basement the large gym of 260 m2 will be available. Several spacious classrooms, projection rooms and lecture halls will be distributed over the remaining floors. The generous size of the classrooms will be in average of 80 m2.

The whole complex is founded on piles of 600 and 900 mm diameter. The basement areas are monolithic concrete structures; above-ground floors are assembled from prefabricated elements in a beamless system of a Finish company Peikko, used in the Czech Republic for the first time. The segments are brought directly from the Finish manufacturer and their assembly is done under expert supervision. This construction is a pilot project of this new technology. For the flat roof construction will be used so called reversed layer composition, finished by pea gravel.

The complex should give an impression of a modern building with large number of glazed panels and architectonic elements incorporated in the outer shell. Its completion is planned for the beginning of the next year. This will be thanks to the project team of the Site Manager Karel Večeř, Forman Pavel Zvířecí and Jana Mandryková from production preparation.