Prague, Business centre Kateřinská

The new business centre has grown up near I. P. Pavlova square.


Location: Prague
Investor: BOUYGUES Česká republika
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Business centre
Construction time: 04/1999 - 01/2000
Main indicators: Built-up space:  67 500m3
Floor Area:  34 300m2
Description: The project is divided into two stages including the lower and upper structure. The lower structure is made of waterproof reinforced concrete monolithic tub, so called “white tub”, with no additional waterproofing. The upper structure, so called prefabricated monolith, combines both refabricated and monolithic constructions with the monolithic finishing in the final stage. This type of the construction process enables to reduce the completion period for the load-bearing structure to a minimum and makes easier to complete the reinforced concrete monolithic constructions during the winter period. In the future the building will serve as a business and administrative centre and at the same time as a hotel.