Prague, BB Centre - building Alpha

Alpha Building is one of the three planned buildings (besides buildings Beta and Gamma) which has been constructed within the BB Centrum in Prague 4, between Brumlovka and A1 highway. The building is designed as a classical reinforced concrete skeleton with aluminium jacketing.


Location: Prague 4, Michle
Investor: BBC Building ALPHA a.s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Administrative centre
Construction time: 07/2002 - 11/2003
Main indicators: Built-up space:  86 100 cu. m.
Parking: 205 spaces

The construction is designed as an office building with four underground and eight aboveground storeys. The last storey is partly used as technical background of the building and there is also a terrace and green walkable roof here. A roofed atrium is designed in the middle of the building. In the basement there are underground garages and partly also technological rooms. In the central part of the building floor plan there will be a ventilation engine room and the cooling engine room. Inclined entrance and exit ramps with parking places circle the central part of the floor plan. In the northern part, a vertical circulation core with three lifts and the northern staircase are located. The southern part of the floor plan includes an emergency non-continuous staircase and a freight lift. 

Access to the entrance hall is from Vyskočilova street. Behind the reception and lift core there is an atrium extending over all storeys up to the roof. The atrium forms a dominant architectural element in the building layout with the intention to form a rest and relaxation centre. Next to the entrance hall on the ground floor there is a gastro lunchroom with necessary background areas. The external parts of the northern facade are intended as commercial letting space equipped with rough finishing and basic sanitary facilities only. On other aboveground storeys there are office areas where spatial zoning will only be executed around the sanitary and circulation core. The office areas are separated from the atrium by a plasterboard partition. In future the office areas can be arranged as hall offices or it is possible to install, partitions, to obtain small separate rooms, if required.