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Plzeň, Shopping Centre Berounka Park

The new shopping centre Berounka Park was built on the outskirts of the city of Plzeň ( Pilsen). The building is situated at the eastern border of the shopping area lying in Rokycanská street, on the periphery of  Plzeň.


Location: Plzeň
Investor: Berounka Park - Plzeň, a. s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Shopping Center
Construction time: 08/2003 - 02/2004
Main indicators: Built-up area: 5,148 m2
Built-up space: 40,077 m3
Description: The building consists of two block-shaped structures which form an obtuse angle. A canopy is formed in the upper parts of the main and west facades. There is a major architectural element - a pillar, going through the canopy, with connecting rods on which part of the canopy is suspended. The canopy is lit by night and thus constitutes a significant dominant by night as well. The facades going toward the supply yard are of metal vertical panels with micro-profiles, silver color. The windows in the facade are of aluminium. In the west and north facades, there are parts paneled with quarry stone and glassed parts. A glazed door lock emerges from the largest shopping unit.