Kutná Hora, Reconstruction of monuments

In the historic town of Kutná Hora, demanding reconstructions of two monuments continue in 2006. These monuments form the town dominant and are listed by UNESCO as architectural gems of the Czech Republic.


Location: Kutná Hora
Investor: Arciděkanský úřad
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., division Servise
Type: Reconstruction
Construction time: 2004 - 2010
Description: The monuments in question are the Church of St. Barbara and the Church of the Mother of God. The repair of the Church of St. Barbara of itself is evaluated as the investment project of the century and it will last 6 years. Therefore, it is not a mere coincidence that, based on a competitive bid, HOCHTIEF VSB a.s., division 9 was awarded the contract of a complex scaffold structure as its staging centre in Planá nad Lužnicí has several years of experience in demanding work of this type such as e.g. reconstruction of the Prague castle, repairs of church towers etc.