Hořice, City without barriers


Location: Hořice
Investor: Město Hořice
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ, Traffic Infrastructure division
Type: New building
Construction time: 6/2009 - 10/2011
Main indicators:  
Description: The project that will provide easier mobility to disabled citizens and visitors in the town is co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme NUTS II Northeast. The aim of the project is reconstruction of all public access buildings and at the same time of the whole infrastructure of the town, ranging from walkways, roads and parking lots to partial reconstruction of water mains, sewerage and public lighting.
The whole project is divided into four routes, which are marked in colour according to their nature.
The first – yellow - or traffic route – will lead from Jiřího z Poděbrad square via Jungmannova street, along Husova street all the way to the junction by the railway station. It will include complete reconstruction of Jiřího z Poděbrad square, where new water main and sewerage will be built and new parking, roads, pavements and public lighting will be provided. The disabled and citizens with mobility difficulties will appreciate newly created barrier-free access to the building of the Municipal police and to the “Švamberk” shop. The polyclinic in Husova street will be fitted with new lifts and other necessary construction adjustments carried out there. Construction works will also affect the primary school, where new sanitary facilities with barrier-free access will be built.
The second – blue - or school route, which is located in the neighbourhood of the Na Habru primary school, where a new three-storey lift is to be built and the surroundings and entrance are to be adapted. Existing roads will be reconstructed in Máchova, Blahoslavova and Pelikánova streets. The biggest changes noticed by local inhabitants will probably be at the Na Závisti junction. For here a relatively complex roundabout with bituminous surface will be constructed, connecting the total of six streets. Its construction will nevertheless take place in stages and will thus not lead to complete closure and traffic will not be limited.
The third – red - or culture route, leads from Janderova street via Přemyslova and Pod Lipou streets all the way to Riegrova street to the children’s medical centre. Its aim is construction of pavements and in places also reconstruction of roads within this location. It includes also construction of a ramp in front of the “Jednota” shop in Přemyslova street and replacement of outdated lift in the children’s medical centre.
The last – green - or relaxation route spans from Smetanovy sady via Tyršovo square, Žižkova street, St. Gothard Park all the way to the obelisk complex. As suggested by its name, main construction works will focus on construction and reconstruction of walkways, earth works, landscaping, stone works and of course also adjustment of roads incuding construction of roundabout at Tyršovo square. Within the green track, the town of Hořice will also receive new traffic signage and public lighting.