Hať, Primary School Reconstruction

The primary school in Hať, ensuring elementary education for the towns of Hať and Darkovice, has undergone large-scale refurbishment.



Location: Hať
Investor: Municipality of Hať
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Reconstruction
Construction time: 06/2005 - 09/2005
Main indicators:  
Description: The original blueprints for the existing primary school, which serves both towns, were drawn up in the late 1950s. The school was built at the beginning of 1960s and put into operation in 1963.

The entire school premises are made up of six pavilions in total. The reconstruction concerns five of them and will comprise repairing the roofs, as well as renovating the exteriors. This will include adding external insulation, heat insulation and replacing windows. The pavilions are linked to each other by corridors and cloakrooms, onto which the main entrance directly opens. Twin stairways on the ground floor enable access to the first floor. The school is conceived to handle a capacity of 314 pupils.

The primary tasks for refurbishing and extending the school are the replacement of windows, which are in a poor state of repair, improving the heat insulation parameters of the external structure, the ceiling frames beneath the roofs, and removing the old flat roofs in order to construct new pitched ones on the pavilions. Present thermal resistance readings of the structure reveal the affect on the overall thermal stability of rooms in both, winter and summer. Roof leaks and the dreadful state of the windows - rotting frames, windows literally falling apart - also contribute to thermal instability. The main aim of the reconstruction is to improve the energy saving dynamics of the external structure, and minimise the negative characteristics from which it currently suffers.

All the present wooden windows, which are no longer serviceable, are to be replaced in all pavilions with new combined plastic ones. Consecutively, new external and internal windowsills will be fitted. In corridors, due to economic reasons, every alternate window shall be bricked up. Roofs will be altered from flat to pitched, and polystyrene heat insulation fitted to the overall external structure at the same time. The gutters and rainwater pipes will be repaired on the roofs of the modernised pavilions, and metalwork elements applied to the new pitched roofs.